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We would like to welcome you to our Old Fishing Lures store. This is a great place on the web where you can pick up vintage fishing lures that aren't made anymore. Even though these lures are old, they still have some great fishing catching power in them. Remember that old fishing lure you lost to a monster size pike or walley, well guess what, we might have it in stock here. This is a great place where you can find an old lure you lost. Use our search box up above to find a specific brand of lure. But if you're unsure, just use our navigation to the left to search through our stock. We thank you for visiting our fishing store. right now on ebay

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What Exactly Makes A Fisherman’s Attract Antique

Fishing lures have been popular for hundreds of years, with Indigenous individuals as well as other people creating and creating their very own fishing lures out of bone. It’s nonetheless only throughout the early 20th century that these tackle are commercially ready. Up until the start of the twentieth century, fishing lures had been created and manufactured by builder and sold directly to buyers on the per-order foundation. It’s these types of classic fishing lures that numerous fishermen right now would like to get your hands on so they can own some fishing heritage.

Many people feel that the term classic is merely an additional phrase to enter detail something aged. Nonetheless, classic items are those which take time and effort to find out and likewise keep a piece of history. Generally, a vintage lure should be in the early 20th century or even previously. Due to the small group of producers, you’ll see that it’s common that you could find a number of tackle in the same maker. On top of this listing of producers consist of Heddon, Shakespeare, Stream Chub, and Pfleuger.

If you want to sell and purchase fishing lures, you ought to be mindful from the set of guidelines of this little industry. The state of the actual fishing attract is a vital aspect you need to look at carefully. You need to understand the real chronological age of the fishing attract. Although the fishing lures associated with 1980s might be considered because classic, only the products through early 1900s sell for a minimum of $100.

Selling vintage fishing lures may allow you to get more money, particularly if you possess fishing lures in mint condition. Regardless of whether cleaning up your very own collection or simply promoting away somebody else’s collection you occurred to grab cheap, marketing classic fishing lures in order to vintage sellers, second hand stores, or even individual buyers. The vintage attract containers may also be big retailers with regard to fanatics. In the long run, using a bit of these historical products is definitely excellent.

Tackle And Fishing Jigs

Accessories joined at the end of angling line are known as fishing lures. They're usually combined with angling supports and made to look like and move like the prey of the seafood. They are designed to look like the dying, hurt or perhaps fast paced seafood. The aim is to result in the fish chew the actual hook through grabbing its attention. The lure is actually continuously throw as well as gathered to make this go swimming or create a popping action. The color, movement and vibration from the lure definitely act as the catalyst for successful angling. They might develop solitary, double or even highs hooks in order to connect the actual seafood targeting an attract. Attract throwing may also facilitate a skilled angler to discover the concealing locations of numerous fishes.

The general guideline is the fact that tackle are linked with troubles and connected on to the fishing collection with a swivel which is a security pin number such as gadget. The actual angling line is connected to the fishing reel which eventually connected to the fishing supports. Movement is produced through capturing of the rod through winding of the reel. The in a commercial sense practical types had been first produced by Use during the 90s.They're engineered in order to attractiveness the fish’s place, curiosity or aggression.

They might be of numerous types. We have surface area fishing lures flying and like preys on top of drinking water. They might also be referred to as water lures, poppers as they possibly can create a taking seem in the concave cut head as well as stick lures. A lure can also resemble within the spoon. These people expensive in the light as well as appeal to fishes. Additional variety consists of the actual plugs using a fish like body. They run through water generating various kinds of movements. They also can be referred to as break lures or minnows. Synthetic jigs are utilized along with fly fishing rod and reel in fly fishing. They can get the look of every group of fish prey.

Fishing may also be practiced through jigging that is carried out utilizing angling jigs. The lure can be a weighted connects using a lead head simply reverse the razor-sharp tip. They're engrossed in the gentle body for grabbing fish’s attention. Commonly used along with break baits or minnows, they might also be employed brine fishing with the help of large metal dumbbells giving the impression from the entire body of the bait seafood. With regard to angling lures, other well-liked head designs tend to be flipping, soccer as well as grass. One of the range of bodies, the most popular constructed ones tend to be that of rubber or plastic. They are able to either end up being brightly colored or even demure. With regard to successful jigging, one needs to use a good rod at a strike.

Our company specializes within angling advantage tackle materials and offering you newest fishing stations, fluorocarbon as well as fishing jigs. By using fluorocarbon fishing collection may successfully catch the fish. Check out our site to know about newest fishing lures for that good fortune associated with fishing.

My Best Fishing Lure – Custom Spinnerbait


I've used a lot of great fishing lures over the years, but the one that I keep coming back to is the Beetle Spin.

This is a fishing lure that works great for all three seasons up here in Michigan.

The lure is pretty good out of the box, but what I do is modify it with a gold leaf spinner blade.

This simple modification boosts the attractant on the beetle spin to great heights.

The gold leaf spinner perfectly mimics a gold fish.

You ever wonder why the DNR has outlawed using gold fish as bait, well because it's too deadly.

So adding a fake blade that mimics goldfish is the perfect modification for this lure.

And the combination of the white split tail grub and the gold leaf spinner sure makes the the fish go crazy for it.

For a more detailed review, watching my fishing video off of YouTube!

Sufix 832 Advanced Superline 3 Fishing Line

A new fishing line has hit the market, dubbed the Sufix 832 Advanced Superline 3, it features less memory and more smoothness for casting.

What makes the fishing line a lot more advanced than other braided fishing line sis the added Gore fibers to the weave. It's not only more flexible, but also more abrasion resistant as well.

Because the line is so round, it doesn’t bury in the spool as other braids do, nor does it chafe on the guides, which often reduces casting distance.

Even after 832 times of hitting the water, hence the name, the fishing line still comes back dry. Field and Stream anglers have said they've casted it on rubbing hulls, rocks, and metals yet the fishing line is still holding up strong.

This is a fishing line you need to be spooling up on your favorite fishing reel.

Bass Pro Shops Spring Fishing Classic Show

A bad ass fishing show is coming up on February 25th all the way to March 13th.

The fishing show is held by Bass Pro Shops, they do it ever year.

What makes the fishing show so special is all the cool offers Bass Pro Shops has to offer.

They have a old fishing reel traide-in. Specials on boat sales! And also free fishing seminars at your local Bass Pro Shops.

The last day of the fishing show is on March 13th, this aught to get you ready for spring fishing!

I'll tell you what, I'm pretty pumped for the 2011 fishing season.

I'm hoping to pick up that huge fish I've been dreaming about over the winter! How about you?

Huge Ocean Salmon Picture

Is this huge ocean salmon incredible or what, this fish is just huge!

These are fish that fight great for their size and also make nice dinner plate for any amateur fisherman, bon appetit!

This huge ocean salmon was caught off the west cost of the United States.

That area for some reason is always bringing in some really huge ocean salmon!

I'll have to try fishing there one of these times.

Huge Carp Kissing Funny Picture

Sorry, carp kissing not allowed here on old fishing lures.

Just kidding, any kind of fish kissing is allowed here on this fishing blog, we don't discriminate.

Hell if you want, make out with your fish. Personally I wouldn't though with all the crazy man eating bacteria out there.

I hear one fisherman actually died of a flesh eating bacteria he caught swimming in Louisiana bayous.

Kind of a wake up call for us fishermen who like to kiss our fish.

It's just not safe anymore too fool around like this, too much crazy stuff in the waterway.

Jeremy Wade Catches Huge Piraiba Catfish

The piraiba catfish has gotten a rotten name for itself, some say it's a people eater.

Personally I think the fish is totally misunderstood. There was the case where a fisherman was found dead after he dove in the water to untangle his fishing net, many people suggested his death was due to the piraiba catfish. But, I think otherwise, I really don't think the fish is that aggressive it would attack a person.

Jeremy Wade went fishing for the huge fish in his latest show on River Monsters.

He ended up hooking a pretty huge one, but it's obvious that a fish this size can't kill a human being. I think the director of the show just likes to hype things up a bit to make River Monsters more interesting. I have to admit, I kind of like it!

Jeremy Wade catches Arapaima on River Monsters

You know out of all the fishing shows on the Fishing Network, I still find that River Monsters beats them all.

I just find Jeremy Wade's fishing show so much more interesting and exciting. Jeremy Wade is truly a top notch fishing host.

One of my favorite shows was where Jeremy Wade was caught a Arapaima and battled it for a good 15-20 minutes.

Jeremy Wade caught the huge Arapaima fish you see in the picture in the heart of the Amazon River. Man is the fish big!

Beautiful Rainbow Trout Fish Picture

Isn't it just amazing how beautiful the rainbow trout species of fish really is?

The colors on the fish are amazing, they even look better when they are submerged in the water.

I for one have always been impressed with the vibrant colors. Now all I need to do is catch one!

When I do, I sure and hell am not going to keep it.

This is one fish that I'm going to throw back for sure. Most the fish I throw back anyways.

Occasionally I'll eat a walleye or a smallmouth bass from time to time, but I don't like killing animals for unnecessary reasons.

They are all beautiful living organisms that should be respected!