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Andy Pelphrey Guinness Record for Smallest Fish

Andy Pelphrey is known as the fisherman who legitimately hooked the smallest fish in the mouth with a rod and reel, the blacknose dace gas gone down in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The length of the fish was 2.4 inches, I'm not sure how much the blacknose dace weighed.

Andy Pelphrey used an itty-bitty piece of wax worm on a hook to catch the worlds smallest fish.

While I congratulate Andy Pelphrey for his accomplishment, I'm sure others fishermen have caught smaller fish.

I remember just this past year I accidentally snagged like a two inch baby walleye.

Yeah I snagged it, but I'm sure it was going for my fishing lure.

If it would of bit my hook, I guess I would of been the fisherman who caught the worlds smallest fish, lol. What a stupid record!