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Beetle Spin Fishing Lure Largemouth Bass

If you're looking for a lure that is great on catching largemouth bass, well you need to buy a few beetle spins. I've tried many fishing lures in the past decade, the beetle spin is my number one fishing lure to use on largemouth bass. Why you might ask? Well because it works!

There's something about the beetle spin that makes largemouth bass hit it over and over again. Not sure if it is the silver plated blade or the custom split tail soft plastic grub that is on the hook of the lure. But, the combination of the two is supreme, it's effective not only on largemouth bass, but smallmouth bass and other species of fish as well.

I've tried it on many bodies of water, this includes big lakes, inland lakes and bonds. All the largemouth bass, no matter what body of water, just love the lure. Most of the time I just reel it in at a slow pace, but sometimes I'll buzz it on top at a fast pace for pike or musky. You can try jigging it too, the crappie seem to love the action of the beetle spin when you jig it.

So for whatever fish you crave, I suggest giving the beetle spin a try. It's an awesome fishing lure to use on largemouth bass.