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Big Largemouth Bass

Now this is what I call a big bass, this largemouth is beautiful. It makes me wonder on whether or not the bass is real. The way the fisherman holds the bass is kind of funny, that's not a comfortable way to hold a big bass like that. This bass looks to be around 10 pounds, maybe a little less. Either way this largemouth bass is super big, man I would love to catch a largemouth like that again.

When I was like thirteen years old I hooked a big largmeouth bass with my beetle spin on six pound line, I could not believe how big the bass was and that I landed it with only six pound test. I thought for sure the bass was going to snap my line. The big bass weighed at least eight pounds. I should of mounted the bass, but I ended up throwing it back to let it grow bigger. I'm not a fisherman who likes to keep fish, I love to see them live their live and maybe one day be caught by another fisherman.

I admire fish for their beauty and fight, but don't get me wrong, sometimes I'll cook some few fish up, very rarely though. This past year I did catch a four pound smallmouth bass, pretty darn big for the smallmouth species, but nothing near the largemouth I caught when I was thirteen. Hopefully I'll catch a big bass like that again in my lifetime, just like this happy fisherman up above, I congratulate him for his super big bass!