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Big Muskellunge Pictures

Nothing like catching a big muskellunge like this, musky fishing is one of the best species to fish for in the Great Lakes. This is a musky that is beautiful, fights well, and is huge! The predatory species of musky have been roaming around lakes of Michigan for years. They are known to eat pike, bass, bluegill, walleye, and even themselves. That's right, big musky are even cannibals!

The best way to catch big musky are with big lures. Some fisherman love trolling because they can cover more ground, but casting is the most fun to be honest with you. Actually feeling the fish hit is amazing! Some of the great lures to use on musky are big crankbaits, bucktail spinners, and swimbaits.

But it's possible to catch big muskellunge on any type of lure or bait, especially in the spring time when the fish are really feeding. Man I can't wait to get out fishing this spring in 2011, I think musky fishing will be great in Michigan. I'm sure Musky fishing will be exciting in a lot of other states as well.