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Big Northern Pike Pictures

This picture of a big northern pike was caught by me last summer in Lake St. Clair. I caught it on a green pumpkin 4" grub made by Berkley Powerbait. I was jigging along the breakwall off my boat when all of a sudden it felt like my line tighten up and sort of felt like I had a snag. I pulled my rod tip back, the line started to move, so I set the hook immediately. Just buy the feel of the heaviness in my line I knew the northern pike was pretty big.

I put some bend in my Shakespeare Ugly Stik and started to reel the monster in. When I saw the big pike surface, I knew I was going to need the fishing net. I yelled over to my friend to get the net, he responded quickly and got it ready. When I was jigging near the breakwall I didn't have much line out so he was immediately near the boat when I reeled up. But I knew when I brought the pike up, he was going to immediately try to make a break for it. My friend luckily netted him really fast and the pike started to do belly rolls.

It took me like ten minutes just to un-net him and get a few pictures of the big northern pike. The belly rolls he did twisted up my line and fishing lure in the net, I hate when that happens. I felt bad because I wanted to get him back in the water as quick as possible. I set him carefully in the water and grabbed his tail to softly pump water into his gills. After a few minutes of venting the fish in the water, the pike began to swim off real slow. I would hate to see a beautiful sized fish like this die, I would love to see him get bigger. Hopefully next year he's twice the size and I'll catch him!