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Bluegill Fishing Kent Lake Michigan

There are some top notch lakes in Michigan for bluegill fishing. Some are Lake Orion, Lakeville Lake and Stony Creek. But the main one I like to fish for bluegill is Kent Lake. The lake is known to produce some really king size panfish gluegill.

What I like to do is take a bubble and a fly to go after these bluegill. The bluegill can't resist topwater flies, occasinaly you'll pick up a largemouth or smallmouth bass on topwater too. Or if you like to fish the old natural way with a bobber and worm, bluegill at Kent Lake can't resist worms either.

At Kent Lake you find the bluegill lurking near the shoreline. I never really catch any bluegill in the deep water at Kent Lake. Also when you're near the shoreline, look for trees or bushes where bluegill might be hanging out. The bridge where I-96 crosses is a dynamite spot for pulling in some bluegill.