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Buy Old Creek Chub Fishing Lures

At one time Creek Chub Bait Company was the largest fishing lure company. It sprouted up in a small town near Garrett, Indiana. Henry Dills, George Schluthesis and Carl Heinzerling were the creators of the lovely fishing company. Friendship and desire to catch fish is what made this fishing company survive for more than seventy years, from 1906-1978. Even though the company ended in 1978, the fishing stories and friendship between the creators lives on through their fishing lures. If you're looking to get a piece of fishing history, picking up one of these Creek Chub Bait will give you some satisfaction. And if you'd like, try catching some bass on the Creek Chub fishing lures, I bet either a smallmouth bass or a largemouth bass will hit on these top notch fishing lures.

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