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Denis Harrold Record Barramundi

Kayak fisherman Denis Harrold caught this new record barramundi fish after a grueling 15 minute fight out on his kayak in Bardon, Queensland, Australia.

The barramundi ended up weighing 98 pounds 6 ounces. Is this fish huge or what, the fish look to be as big as Denis.

The fish is currently pending as the new record, but I'm sure it will be let in by the IGFA after examined.

Man I would of crapped my pants seeing a big fish like that being reeled up near my kayak, I mean checkout the size of the barramundi's mouth.

If I were Denis Harrold I would get a nice mount of this fish! I'm sure he's pretty excited about his accomplishment, I'm positive he will get a really beautiful mount of the fish.