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Fan Casting Fishing

Fan casting gives you that edge you need while fishing offshore. It's great on the boat as well, but for shore fishing that have a harder time catching fish can benefit more from this. I know some pro fishermen tell you that casting in the same spot 2-3 times over can maybe get that big one to hit. Personally I don't believe in that strategy, I believe in fan casting. So what is fan casting?

Well fan casting is where you cast almost like the way a clock turns. First start at 9:00 o' clock and go all the way to 3:00 o' clock, casting at each hours. For instance cast at 9pm, then 10pm, then 11pm, etc... You wouldn't believe how well this method works because you cover more ground fishing. Most fishermen just cast anywhere they'd like, this is their main problem why they come up short. Do not cast in the same place over and over again. It's also good to change up your retrieve, like maybe a stop and go retrieve every once and awhile.

I have to admit though, sometimes you might get a big fish if you cast in one place over and over again. But, I only suggest doing that when you see cover, for instance a tree down. Maybe a shady spot where fish might be hanging out or even structure you found on your side view fish finder, but that's on a boat. I highly suggest sticking to fan casting fishing though.