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Huge Smallmouth Bass Lake St. Clair

Is this smallmouth bass incredible or what?

I caught this huge smallmouth bass during spring time fishing for northern pike.

The lure I caught it on was a 3 inch Berkley Powerbait Grub, the green pumpkin color.

Soon as I felt the huge smallmouth bass hit, I knew it wasn't a northern pike.

The fish tugged like a huge smallmouth bass would, by the time I got a glimpse of the fish I could not believe how big it was. This smallmouth bass ended up weighing 4 pounds on my Berkley Scale.

Maybe next year I can hook a five pound smallmouth bass. They seem to get bigger every year out on Lake St. Clair. The big lake is known to produce some really huge smallmouth bass.

I sure hope I can hook that five pounder this year! I'm definitely going to stock up on Berklery Powerbait Grub, especially that green pumpkin color, that one is my favorite. Another great color to buy is pumpkinseed. Stock up on these great fishing lures fishermen!