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Lake St Clair Tiger Musky Picture

This was a musky I caught this past year in Lake St. Clair. The lure I caught it on was a green Berkley powerbait jig, a hot fishing lure that is great to use on smallmouth bass in Lake St. Clair. But it also seemed to catch musky and pike really well too. I was surprised to see this tiger musky at the end of my line when I brought it near my boat. I'm thinking wow, this musky has some really odd colors.

After taking a picture I thought nothing of it, then when I took at look at the picture when I uploaded it to my computer, it immediately came to me I caught I tiger musky. This was the first tiger musky I had ever caught in my entire life. It makes me wonder how many of these fish are lurking around in Lake St. Clair, possibly other lakes like Lake Erie. It's very rare for tiger musky to be in these lakes, but it happens, the reason is cross breeding between northern pike and muskellunge. I for one hope I catch another one, hopefully a bigger tiger musky. I ended up putting the young tiger musky gently back into the water, hopefully it will one day grow up to be a big tiger musky.