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Lucky Craft Laser Rainbow Trout Crankbait

I've been looking for a lure that can replace my favorite fishing lure the Bomber rainbow trout colored crankbait. There's not too many companies that have a lure similar to the Bomber rainbow trout. I finally stumbled across Lucky Craft, a company that is said to make high quality fishing lures. They make two crankbaits that have a similar rainbow trout color to the bomber crankbait. It's not the exact color, but it looks like it could work really well on smallmouth bass in Lake St. Clair.

The first one, called the RT - Rattle is a flat surface crankbait. Just like a rattle trap this crankbait is lipless, so depending how fast you reel, it can be fished at any depth. Then there's the Lucky Craft Bevy Shad, they make a sick rainbow trout deisgn on that fishing lure. A very close match to the Bomber crankbait, this one looks like it could be dynamite on both bass and walleye, maybe musky and northern pike too.

When I get some money, I'm definitely going to buy both Lucky Craft fishing lures. They look just plain sick, Lucky Craft really does some nice fine designs on their fishing lures. The only drawback is the price, each lure cost around $14, not a drop in the bucket. Depending how much money I'll have in the bank within a month, not sure how many I'll get. I'd like to get two of each, maybe three, but that will cost me over $50 for six fishing lures. For that price I could get a dozen or so fishing lures at Lakeside Fishing Shop.