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Lucky Lures ESOX Musky Prototype

The new ESOX prototype lure released by Lucky Lures is phenomenal looking. The lure looks so sweet I don't even want to use it fishing, I'd rather set it on my shelf in the family room for all to see. The paint job is sick looking, I love the custom tail fins they have given the ESOX prototype too.

On top of it, the ESOX prototype lure comes double jointed to give off a really cool action. This lure will not only be great for musky, it will be good for northern pike as well. Both species of fish are known to be cannibals, so these Lucky Lures work really well especially in spring time.

Use the ESOX prototype for slow trolling, which then gives of the best action of the bait. Perfect motion to entice musky and pike. The lure is 100% hand crafted, made of solid resin molded body, and 24k gold backing glass eyes. The finds are made out of microfiber and the lure in the end has a 2k automotive clearcoat. All metal is stainless steel!