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Massive California Fish Kill from Red Tide

A massive fish die off has just hit the shores of Redondo Beach, California.

Around 1 million fish have died off through red tide, they call it natural causes. But between you and me, what causes red tide, the lack of oxygen in the water? Pollution!

I don't know how long these scientists can keep passing off these die offs of fish as just natural causes.

They try to give a simple reason for everything, they never like to admit it's pollution, because if it was pollution we'd have to change our way of living.

What will it take? Probably a massive die off of people!

The beaches over there in California will be reeking with an atrocious sell in just a matter of time. It's going to cost at least $100,000 to clean up King Harbor after this sudden die off of fish.

A crew of 200 workers has already removed more than 35 tons of fish, mostly by skimming the water's surface. But an additional 30 tons and perhaps more are believed to have collected in a 2-foot-thick layer on the bottom of the harbor, about 20 feet below.