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My Best Fishing Lure – Custom Spinnerbait


I've used a lot of great fishing lures over the years, but the one that I keep coming back to is the Beetle Spin.

This is a fishing lure that works great for all three seasons up here in Michigan.

The lure is pretty good out of the box, but what I do is modify it with a gold leaf spinner blade.

This simple modification boosts the attractant on the beetle spin to great heights.

The gold leaf spinner perfectly mimics a gold fish.

You ever wonder why the DNR has outlawed using gold fish as bait, well because it's too deadly.

So adding a fake blade that mimics goldfish is the perfect modification for this lure.

And the combination of the white split tail grub and the gold leaf spinner sure makes the the fish go crazy for it.

For a more detailed review, watching my fishing video off of YouTube!