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Northern Pike Teeth in this Picture

Check this picture out, really shows how sharp the teeth are on northern pike. Every time you catch a pike you have to be very careful handling fish. If you don't handle the northern pike right, you can easily cause cut yourself on their teeth.

Preferably I like to use super long needle nose pliers. Some fisherman like to buy a fish gripper, but I think a gripper can hurt the fish. You have to be very gentle with the fish if you plan on putting them back in the water. And the more of that slime you rub off of them, more that hurts the fish's way of living. That slime coat you feel on the outside of the fish protects them, northern pike are known to have a lot of it. A fish gripper can wipe a lot of that slime off.

Just be very careful when you put your hands near the fish's mouth, never put your hand in a pike's mouth. If you want to be fully safe, by some fish gloves, but even on a big pike those razor sharp teeth can go through the gloves.