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Old Vintage Fishing Tackle

Now our site Old Fishing Lures is about selling vintage fishing lures, but this fishing tackle you see in this picture is not just old, it's super old vintage tackle. We're talking about 12,000 year old fishing tackle!

A treasure trove of finely crafted fishing spearheads from 12,000 years ago has been discovered on the Channel Islands of California.

Is that incredible or what? 12,000 years ago fisherman from the Clovis culture used these carvings of discarded seashells, chipped stone tools and animal bones to spear fish.

This was the old primitive way to fish since they didn't have fishing line 12,000 years ago. It must of been one of hell of a challenge to catch fish that way.

Hey at least back then they eat the fish and not have to worry about mercury poisoning and oil from the BP oil spill!