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Picture of Smallmouth Bass Jumping

This is an amazing picture of a smallmouth bass jumping out of the water, it's not easy capturing a moment in life like this. The bass is clearly out of the water! It's amazing how strong smallmouth bass are, being able to jump out of the water at that height. If you ever caught a smallmouth bass, you know how well of fighters they are. They fight 3x better than smallmouth bass do, they are a very aggressive fish!

Fly Fishing Really Fun

You know, I've always been wanting to try fly fishing out, but I really never got a chance to. We really don't have too many natural rivers locally near me where I could try it out. But, that doesn't mean I can't take a long drive out to a river. I live in Michigan and there are plenty of rivers, I'm just going to have to plan one day out to go fly fishing.

But first, I must learn how to fly fish in my backyard. It's not easy thing to do, I need to practice and practice to get fly fishing down.

Hillbilly Bass Boat

This is the true hillbilly bass boat, I mean what if you don't have the money for a really fishing boat? Hey, I give this guy credit, he recycled the styrofoam as pontoons, used spare wood for a casting platform, and a old Alabama chair for comfortbility. I'm just kind of weary on how well those boards are tied together to the styrofoam. And how well the chair is tied down to the boards. I can see one string snapping and this fisherman in the water, I just hope he plays it safe, I would definitely recommend wearing a life jacket with this sweet bass boat!

Big Largemouth Bass

Now this is what I call a big bass, this largemouth is beautiful. It makes me wonder on whether or not the bass is real. The way the fisherman holds the bass is kind of funny, that's not a comfortable way to hold a big bass like that. This bass looks to be around 10 pounds, maybe a little less. Either way this largemouth bass is super big, man I would love to catch a largemouth like that again.

When I was like thirteen years old I hooked a big largmeouth bass with my beetle spin on six pound line, I could not believe how big the bass was and that I landed it with only six pound test. I thought for sure the bass was going to snap my line. The big bass weighed at least eight pounds. I should of mounted the bass, but I ended up throwing it back to let it grow bigger. I'm not a fisherman who likes to keep fish, I love to see them live their live and maybe one day be caught by another fisherman.

I admire fish for their beauty and fight, but don't get me wrong, sometimes I'll cook some few fish up, very rarely though. This past year I did catch a four pound smallmouth bass, pretty darn big for the smallmouth species, but nothing near the largemouth I caught when I was thirteen. Hopefully I'll catch a big bass like that again in my lifetime, just like this happy fisherman up above, I congratulate him for his super big bass!

Top 50 Lures in Bass Tournaments

Now this is impressive, this fishing website takes account of the top 50 fishing lures used in bass fishing tournaments. Click the link for the lure, it will show you the most productive months for that fishing lure. But keep in mind, this fishing website take into account what lures the pros use, so it's somewhat subjective. Either way, it's still an interesting guide to see what fishing lure works the best.

Ken Daubert Bass Frog Colors

These are the six new colors Captain Ken Daubert has to offer on his bass catching frog, also know as the "World's Best Bass Fishing Frog." I totally agree with that, if you see this amazing video footage of a monster bass hitting the frog, you can tell it works.

I have to admit that the action this fishing lure gives off is so realistic, I've never seen a fishing lure give off such realistic movement, it actually looks like a frog moving through the water.

Just imagine the fun you can have with Captain Ken Daubert Frogs. Topwater is just a blast, if you ever fished with the Heddon Zara Spook or a fly, you know exactly what I mean. There's nothing like fishing topwater for bass! I bet pike and maybe some musky will hit on this lure as well!

Big Bass Bites on Captain Ken Daubert’s Frog

This is an amazing shot of a huge largemouth bass jumping out of the water attacking Captain Ken Daubert's Frog. Now this is great proof that the fishing lure works! The main feature I like about Captain Ken Daubert's Frog is the movement of the legs, the action they give off perfectly mimics a real frog. The huge largemouth bass could not resist the temptation of going after the frog. I'm going to have to try these fishing lures on some lakes in Michigan. I know of a lot of lakes in Michigan that have some lily pads and weeds where frogs like to hang out, I think this fishing lure would be dynamite for those spots on lakes.

Captain Ken Daubert Bass Fishing Frog

Great lure I stumbled across today is Captain Ken Daubert's Bass Fishing Frog. Now I have to admit, I never liked using artificial frog lures for fishing, they just never worked real well for me. But I tell you what, after checking out the video down below I changed my mind and want to give this frog a try. You can tell the action of this artificial frog is priceles, I love the action of the frog legs, I think the innovation of the rubber legs is what makes the lure work. Checkout another video here of where a big bass bites on Ken Daubert's Frog.

Texas Rig with Kalins Grub

One of my favorite lures I use to fish with back in the day was the Texas rig, I used it with 3" grub, preferably the blue pear/salt & pepper color, the combination of the two made this fishing lure great! It also worked pretty god with Berkley Powerbait, the soft plastic you see in this fisherman's hand.

What make the Texas rig so popular with me is you could drag it through weeds without picking up any weeds or muck the hook. Just use the body of your favorite soft plastic lure to cover the hook. It's just dynamite on largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. Sometimes it works really good on walleye in a river too!

I highly suggest giving the Kalins soft plastic grub a try with a Texas rig! Even change it up with Berkley Powerbait for more scent and lure for the fish. But I would stay away from Berkley Gulp, stuff sucks, hasn't produced fish for me as good as Powerbait. Gulp is rather stiff too, not giving off action like a regular soft plastic lure would give off.

Best Website for Fishing Lake Maps

One of the best places on the web to find topographic lake maps for fishing would definitely be the DNR. Over the past few years, they really have added quite a few lake maps to their archive. I've been wating for a topographic map of my favorite lake to fish Stoney Lake, it's primarily my favorite lake because it's really close to me. I'm able to get in the car and go to the lake in under a few minutes. I have to admit though, it's not the best lake for fishing in Michigan, but it's awesome for crappie.

For other Michigan lake maps and other states definitely checkout the DNR website. I hope they get more maps for other lakes in Michigan, one in particular Kent Lake.