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France Huge Northern Pike

Is this northern pike enormous or what, it's just plain huge, never seen a pike this big before. The pike was actually caught in France not the states. The fisherman who caught the huge pike was Philippe Coste and Arnaud Foissac.

The fish weighed 43 pounds and the length was 1.37m. Maybe one day will come when I can land a huge pike like this, the largest one I caught was around 20 pounds, no where near Philippe's northern pike.

Manabu Kurita Largemouth Bass

Take another glance at Manabu Kurita's largemouth bass, it's bass that was caught on Japan's Lake Biwa on July 2nd, 2009. The bass just came up short from beating George Perry's bass in the record books, it just need one ounce more. But it does beat George Perry's bass by a small weight.

The size of the bass is amazingly huge, the stomach looks like it has a bowling ball in it. This largemouth must of fed on a lot of bluegill and sunfish, maybe some crappie too. It truly is amazing how big the species of largemouth can get under the right conditions. Earlier in 2009, Manabu Kurita said he hooked an 18 ounce largemouth bass. So chances are there are bigger bass in the lake, only a matter of time till' George Perry's record gets shattered.

World Record Largemouth Bass Caught by Manabu Kurita

Manabu Kurita has tied George Perry's bass with this 22 pounds , 4.97 ounce largemouth bass. The bass weighs more than George Perry's bass, but in order to take the top spot Kurita's bass has to weight 2 ounces more. Stupid rule I know, but I guess those are the rules by the International Game Fish Association.

Truth be told, this is the biggest largemouth bass ever caught, even if it weighs more than George Perry's bass by one ounce. The bass is just humongous! Manabu Kurita hooked this bass with a live bluegill and using fluorocarbon fishing line. The new line that supposedly is invisible.

Manabu Kurita and his world record largemouth bass has gone down in fishing history.

Rainbow Trout Colored Bomber Crankbait

A top notch fishing lure to use on bass, pike, and walleye is the rainbow trout colored Bomber crankbait. I bought one of these crankbaits when I was a teenager back in the 90s, but last year my line snapped and I lost my favorite fishing lure. Since the 90s, Bomber has decided to discontinue the color scheme. I'm not sure why, but it is very dissapointing to me.

Now the only way to get my hands on one is to find a artist that can recreate the lure for me. Or find a few old Bomber crankbaits on Ebay, that's the only choice I have. Craigslist sometimes has fishing lures for sale, but I don't trust that website at all.

Maybe one day Bomber will bring the color back. But for now I'm just going to have to stick with the current colors Bomber has to offer. It sure is a big bummer for me because I know how effective the lure was over the years.

Topwater Fishing for Bluegill with Flies

Even though bluegill is a small species of fish, it still can be a lot of fun to fish for them. Some of my favorite ways to fish for bluegills with flies on topwater or tiny crankbaits. Rapala makes a really small crankbait that is perfect for bluegill. But I find topwater fishing for bluegill is the most fun.

What I do is buy some flies and few bubbles. The bubble is then tied to my line, then I take some light monofilament line, say 4 or 6 pounds line and tie a length of 1 1/2 feet of line to the bubble and fly. The result, a way to fly fish without a fly ride and reel.

It's just awesome to see the bluegill to hit the fly on top of the water. Sometimes you'll see a largemouth bass go for it and jump right out of the water. There's so many cool ways fish for bluegill, but topwater is by far my favorite! Give it a try next time you're out bluegill fishing.

Favorite Fishing Lures

If I was stranded on a desert island and had only three choices of lures, what would would I take with me?

1. Beetle Spin: Every time I go out fishing, I always throw out the beetle spin first. I've never caught so many fish with one single lure. The beetle spin catches all types of species of fish over and over again, no matter what lake or pond I fish.

2. Berkley Powerbait: Definitely one of my favorite lures for fishing. I can't stress enough how many times I have caught some really huge fish on this fishing lure.

3. Bomber Crankbait: Next to Berkley Powerbait, my third lure of choice would be a Bomber crankbait. I find that the paint jobs and the unique whiggle this lure gives off always performs well when fishing for bass, pike, and walleye.

Welcome to Old Fishing Lures

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