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Contour HD POV Camera for Fishing

Yet another POV camera has come out to challenge the Go Pro HD camera.

The Contour HD camera by far has a more sleeker and cooler design, but I think the Go Pro still has realer colors and more lighting in their fishing video footage.

Making the experience for your watchers a lot better.

Both are priced around the same amount of money.

And both are overall pretty good for recording your fishing expeditions.

What it comes down to is if you want the sleeker design from the Contour HD or brighter colors from the Go Pro HD camera.

Either way I think you can't go wrong with both. Personally I'm going for the brighter colors, I'm picking up the Go Pro HD camera.

Kevin VanDam Largemouth Bass

Great shot of Kevin VanDam weighing in at a fishing tournament, checkout the size of these largemouth bass Kevin VanDam caught, these are some monster bass.

One thing is for sure, Kevin VanDam is the number one bass fisherman in the world.

The bass this guy pulls out of every lake out of the world is amazing.

Kevin VanDam is my favorite pro fisherman, especially since he's from my home state Michigan.

I wonder how long VanDam will say on top for...?

Go Pro HD Camera for Video Fishing

Take your fishing experience farther with the Go Pro HD Camera.

Have you ever thought to yourself what it would be like to review that fish you just saw jump out of water in slow-mo?

Wouldn't that just be sick! Well now you can with the Go Pro HD camera.

The little electronic allows you to mount it on your fishing pole, chest, or even a Hatcam.

It sure is a nifty camera, the size of it isn't must bigger than a fishing lure.

I plan on getting this one this upcoming spring when I'm fishing for pike. The video footage I'm going to be able to capture is going to be so neat.

I'm going to be posting my fishing expeditions all over YouTube, they'll be in HD too, at either 720p or 1080pm. Either way it's going to be a fun summer.

You can pick up the Go Pro camera for as low as $180. But of course the price will be around $300 when you decide to get the battery and 32GB SD card that allows you to record up to 9 hours of video footage.

If I were you, I'd buy two or three battery packs that way you can record your whole fishing trip. Because sometimes that spectacular moment in fishing comes at the end of your expedition!

Mike Iaconelli Signature Series Hatcam

Mike Iaconelli is partnering up with Hatcam to bring us his own signature series fishing hat.

The hat looks really cool, it's a lot sharper than those boring hats on Hatcams website.

If you're not familiar with the Hatcam, it's basically a company that makes hats that allows you to screw in either the Go Pro HD camera or the Flip Camera.

I mean just imagine what fishing footage you can capture with an HD camera on top of your head. The point of view from your head is exactly what you see. So you see if the fish jumps out of the water and when you cast your favorite fishing lure. Just imagine the hours of fun you can have with the Hatcam, I plan to pick up one with the Go Pro HD camera.

Massive California Fish Kill from Red Tide

A massive fish die off has just hit the shores of Redondo Beach, California.

Around 1 million fish have died off through red tide, they call it natural causes. But between you and me, what causes red tide, the lack of oxygen in the water? Pollution!

I don't know how long these scientists can keep passing off these die offs of fish as just natural causes.

They try to give a simple reason for everything, they never like to admit it's pollution, because if it was pollution we'd have to change our way of living.

What will it take? Probably a massive die off of people!

The beaches over there in California will be reeking with an atrocious sell in just a matter of time. It's going to cost at least $100,000 to clean up King Harbor after this sudden die off of fish.

A crew of 200 workers has already removed more than 35 tons of fish, mostly by skimming the water's surface. But an additional 30 tons and perhaps more are believed to have collected in a 2-foot-thick layer on the bottom of the harbor, about 20 feet below.

Complete Guide To Surfcasting Burford Books

One of the best books for surfcasting has come out for fishermen.

This is nothing like you've read before, the book incorporates the whole love of fishing with amazing tops on surfcasting.

You'll find everything you need to know, I'm talking about prime locations to beach fish on every US coast.

The book currently isn't for sale just yet, but it will be online for sale in April, perfect timing for spring fishing.

Rio Avid Freshwater Trout Fly Line

New fly fishing line is available for fishermen, Rio Avid Freshwater Trout Fly Line.

This new fishing line promotes smoother casting and efficient shooting.

On top of the great features, the fishing line is reasonably price and will answer the demands of most trout anglers.

New Rapala Clackin Minnow for 2011

Fill your live well up with Rapala's new crankbaits the Rapala Clackin' Minnow.

What makes this fishing lure so special is the steel ball that rattles inside.

Rapala found out how well the rattle worked in the Clackin’ Rap, they knew they had to add it to the Clackin’ Minnow.

With this new crankbait you'll be able to hook more fish such as smallmouth and largemouth bass.

There will be 16 colors to choose from on the new Rapala Clackin' Minnow.

Insta-Set Fishing Strike Indicators

Currently there's a new way to tell if you get a strike, it's called Insta-Set.

What we use is rigid-foam indicators has a loop of fluorescent plastic tubing through its center.

Put the leader through the loop, pull the tags to tighten. Once a fish bites, the tubing tags will point straight up.

While I'm not to excited about this new method, I'm sure some fishermen might like it.

I like the electronic alarms that go off when your fishing line moves. There's nothing better than an electronic that doesn't lie!

L. L. Bean Kennebec River Chest Pack for Fishing Tackle

A lovely little accessory to add to your fishing equipment is the L. L. Bean Kennebec River Chest Pack.

What makes the equipment so amazing is the easy access and simple placement of fishing lures.

I mean what's better than having your fishing lures right at your finger tips.

It's so nice to not have to unlatch your tackle box and go searching for a fishing lure.

You have everything right in front of you, the fly fishermen got to love this new innovation.

The awesome thing is it only costs $39 too.