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Costa 580P Fishing Glasses

Protect your eyes and spot those bass in those shady hard to get spots with Costa's new 580P fishing glasses.

What makes these glasses so different than other fishing glasses are the superb resistance and top shelf polarization.

The coasting on the lenses repels oil, water, and dust.

Which all in all keeps you fishing rather than sitting down cleaning your glasses.

These glasses are also scratch resistant!

Pinnacle Performa XT Fishing Reel

Beef up fishing tactics with the new Pinnacle Performa XT fishing reel.

What makes the fishing reel so great is the wide spool that allows you to cast farther.

Also a reel body that is made out of aluminum alloy for lightness, multidisc drag that is waterproof, and an eight shielded bearing for smooth operation.

The fishing reels are top notch for the price Pinnacle asks, only $100.

Yamaha V Max SHO VF250 Four-Stroke

Give your Starcraft or Lund a little more power with Yamaha's new V Max SHO VF250 Four-Stroke outboard engine.

The new outboard isn't quieter or have a faster top speed, what makes this new outboard more efficienst is the faster hole shot.

The problem many 4 stroke engines have had in the past.

This is very important when it comes to fishing tournaments, many pro fisherman want to get out of fishing spots quick and easy.

Some fishermen say that the outboard engine is so fast that it's scary good.

We can all thank Yamaha for thir new innovative injection system and throttle valve, the VF250 boasts better fuel economy than previous Yamaha outboards too.

Which many fishermen are looking for because of the hard hittin' economy.

Shimano Caenan CAE100 Reel

Field & Stream just labeled the new Shimano's new fishing reel Caenan CAE100 one of the best new fishing gear of 2011.

What Field & Stream like about this new reel is the adjustable six-pin centrifugal brake.

This prevents backlash big time, a tough thing many amateur fishermen have trouble dealing with first time around.

Other features that are great are the six ball bearings that promote smooth operation.

These custom reels are are light also, great for any woman fisherman who doesn't like the heaviness of other fishing reels.

The Shimano Caenan CAE100 Reel is getting a price tag of $90, not bad price for a new innovative baitcasting reel.

Largemouth Bass Eating another Bass

Now this is a unique sight to see, a largemouth bass eating another bass.

You would never think something like this would be possible, but I guess on the right occasion, and if the bigger bass is hungry enough anything is possible.

It makes me wonder what happened after this picture was taken, I mean if both fish can't breath I could totally see both of them dieing.

Now that would be a real freak of nature!

I wonder how many times this happens in a lifetime, just amazed me what happens sometimes in life.

Monster Largemouth Bass

This female fisherman caught this 30 inch largemouth bass Alabama.

The fish had a 18 inch girth and weighed over five pounds.

The fishing lure that caught this monster largemouth bass was a Bandit tiger crankbait.

With only six pound line the female fisherman was able to reel in the monster bass, absolutely amazing wasn't it!

Huge Demon Fish Caught

River Monster fisherman caught this giant demon fish off the Congo River last year in Africa.

The demon fish, also known as the tigerfish, is a ferocious looking fish with huge teeth. hey have razor-sharp teeth that are interlocking, along with streamlined, muscular bodies built for speed.

When food is scarce or the competition for food is too great, tigerfish may resort to cannibalism.

I can't imagine getting bit by tigerfish.

Goliath Tigerfish caught by Jeremy Wade

Jeremy Wade was the angler responsible for landing this miraculous looking fish.

It's known as the demon fish, it's one of the world's most ferocious fish, you can probably tell by the teeth and the span of its jaw. Jeremy Wade caught the fish while fishing the Congo River in Africa.

The demon fish is actually called the tigerfish.

Man I can't imagine getting bit by one of these fish. jaw like that could easily take a chuck out of you in seconds.

It's not doubt that the tigerfish easily shreds its prey within minutes for a dinner.

Huge Catfish!

Man is this huge catfish impressive, the size of the mouth of the catfish is enough to fit in a four pound bass.

Except catfish are bottom feeders, they really don't attack other fish much, but they will feed on minnows if they can get their jaws around one.

Catfish can give up a really good fight!

I highly suggest using strong braided fishing line when fishing for catfish, not monofilament, it could easily snap!

Huge Chinook Salmon in Battle Creek

Checkout this huge Chinook salmon that DNR biologist Doug Killam found dead at Battle Creek River in California.

They say the monster ended up weighing around 85 pounds dead.

The biologist said he's seen many big fish in his career, but never this size!

Doug Killam exclaimed when it was alive it was probably the largest Chinook salmon officially recorded in California.