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Huge Sturgeon Fish Picture

Right when you think a fish couldn't get any bigger they do, checkout the magnificent size of this huge sturgeon fish.

This picture was take on a river while fishing for the species of sturgeon.

The fisherman took some time to reel in this huge sturgeon, it sure is a great shot of all the friends holding the sturgeon.

I just hope they ended up releasing it! I would of, I hate to see a beautiful fish like that die.

They should be released and allowed to live for the rest of their life.

Huge Giant Grouper Found Northern Territory Beach

This huge giant grouper was found dead along the shore of Northern Territory beach.

The fish measured 2.5 meters long. The family who stumbled upon it said it was the largest fish they had ever seen.

The grouper was filled with all sorts of nasty maggots and the smell of death.

The woman of the family said she had her doubts that the death was of natural causes.

Huge Smallmouth Bass Caught on Video

In this short video you see a fishermen catch a huge smallmouth bass that ended up weighing 8 pounds 5 ounces.

You can tell the way his rod tip was bending, this was no small bass.

Fisherman Joe says it's the biggest bass he had ever caught.

The smallmouth bass ended up measuring 23 1/4 inches long and with a 17 1/8 inch girth.

These fish can really give up the best fight, I love to catch them more than largemouth bass any day.

A 8 pound largemouth fights pretty good, but not as a good as a 8 pound smallmouth bass.

I wonder what the record is for that state, seems like that river produces some really huge smallmouth bass.

Certain states them call them big bronzebacks, which is a pretty neat name.

But I still like to call them smallmouth bass.


Huge Smallmouth Bass Lake St. Clair

Is this smallmouth bass incredible or what?

I caught this huge smallmouth bass during spring time fishing for northern pike.

The lure I caught it on was a 3 inch Berkley Powerbait Grub, the green pumpkin color.

Soon as I felt the huge smallmouth bass hit, I knew it wasn't a northern pike.

The fish tugged like a huge smallmouth bass would, by the time I got a glimpse of the fish I could not believe how big it was. This smallmouth bass ended up weighing 4 pounds on my Berkley Scale.

Maybe next year I can hook a five pound smallmouth bass. They seem to get bigger every year out on Lake St. Clair. The big lake is known to produce some really huge smallmouth bass.

I sure hope I can hook that five pounder this year! I'm definitely going to stock up on Berklery Powerbait Grub, especially that green pumpkin color, that one is my favorite. Another great color to buy is pumpkinseed. Stock up on these great fishing lures fishermen!

Pflueger Luminous Spinner Vintage Lure

Pflueger Luminous Spinner was one of the most deadly vintage fishing lures for smallmouth bass.

You wouldn't think so because of the size blades and how long the lure was, but it was pretty effective on the smallies.

The lure was made by the Enterprise Manufacturing Company in Akron, Ohio.

Believe it or not, the Pflueger Luminous Spinner glowed in the dark, pretty amazing since the lure was sold from the 1890s all the way up to the 1950s.

I didn't know they had glow in the dark technology back then, let alone on fishing lures.

I bet the vintage fishing lure Pflueger Luminous Spinner was also great for catching musky and northern pike too.

Bucktail spinners are a common fishign lure to use on musky today, the Pflueger Luminous Spinner reminds me of today's bucktail spinner.

Fishermen on the forums say you can still pick these old vintage fishing lures on the internet, just use our search box up above and you'll see if there are any up for sale on Ebay.

Mike Mott Nevada Rainbow Trout Record

Mike Mott is the fisherman who just broke the Nevada rainbow trout record. While most fishermen will say you don't have to be a rocket scientist to catch a fish, well I guess it takes one to break a 39 year old record.

See Mike Mott is a rocket scientist, but he's a fisherman in his spare time too.

This rainbow trout you see Mott holding up weighs 16 pounds 8 ounces, the fish is 30 1/2 inches long. The girth on the record rainbow trout is about 20 inches.

The previous Nevada state record caught by Mike Soskin weighed 16 pounds, 4 ounces and measured 31 1⁄2 inches long. Mike Mott record rainbow trout beat Soskin's rainbow trout by 4 ounces.

But Soskin's rainbow trout is longer, strange how things work out sometimes huh?

When it comes to World and State records, IGFA goes by weight not by length!

Thank God for Mike Mott's case, sure is a beautiful rainbow trout. I always thought rainbow trout was one of the most beautiful fish on the planet.

Old Vintage Fishing Tackle

Now our site Old Fishing Lures is about selling vintage fishing lures, but this fishing tackle you see in this picture is not just old, it's super old vintage tackle. We're talking about 12,000 year old fishing tackle!

A treasure trove of finely crafted fishing spearheads from 12,000 years ago has been discovered on the Channel Islands of California.

Is that incredible or what? 12,000 years ago fisherman from the Clovis culture used these carvings of discarded seashells, chipped stone tools and animal bones to spear fish.

This was the old primitive way to fish since they didn't have fishing line 12,000 years ago. It must of been one of hell of a challenge to catch fish that way.

Hey at least back then they eat the fish and not have to worry about mercury poisoning and oil from the BP oil spill!

Hillbilly Hand Fishing Reality Show

Hillbilly hand fishing has become so popular down south that it's becoming a reality TV show on Animal Planet. While I find this somewhat interesting, I highly doubt the TV show will ever take off.

But I've been wrong before! Some people love that reality show Ice Road Truckers, I think it's totally stupid and pointless.

However, I do like the fact that these reality shows are boosting personas of the average person rather than a celebrity. I can't stand the celebrity world anymore, it's so fake and stupid.

Celebrities are so materialistic they make me want to puke.

We'll soon find out whether or not fishermen and people will like the show, Hillbilly Hand Fishing will air soon on Animal Planet.

Fishing Tips on Tube Flies Video

Get some great fishing tips on what tube flies are and how to use them on your fishing expeditions.

This video has some really good fishing tips on tube flies.

There's two different methods for rigging these bugs.

You don't always have to use fly fishing rods to use them, I like to use a bubble and 2 feet of line then my tube fly, this works well with my spinning reel and rod.

Instructional videos like this are great, you can't pass up on the quick tips, you can find other cool videos on YouTube as well.

Learn How to Eat Crawfish Fishermen

Ever wonder how to eat crawfish?

Well I found a short video on YouTube that shows you how to crack the exoskeleton and suck out the tasty insides.

Many fishermen love to use Crawfish for bait, the bass and walleye just love to feed on Crawfish, after tasting a few a chef prepared for me back in the day now I know why.

Crawfish makes a nice orderve before dinner time.