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Andy Pelphrey Guinness Record for Smallest Fish

Andy Pelphrey is known as the fisherman who legitimately hooked the smallest fish in the mouth with a rod and reel, the blacknose dace gas gone down in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The length of the fish was 2.4 inches, I'm not sure how much the blacknose dace weighed.

Andy Pelphrey used an itty-bitty piece of wax worm on a hook to catch the worlds smallest fish.

While I congratulate Andy Pelphrey for his accomplishment, I'm sure others fishermen have caught smaller fish.

I remember just this past year I accidentally snagged like a two inch baby walleye.

Yeah I snagged it, but I'm sure it was going for my fishing lure.

If it would of bit my hook, I guess I would of been the fisherman who caught the worlds smallest fish, lol. What a stupid record!

Huge Alligator Gar Pictures

Checkout the size of this super huge alligator gar fish.

The fish measures in at 10 feet long, it was caught in Moon Lake Mississippi.

This has to be the largest alligator gar fish ever caught, the picture was taken all the way back in 1910.

The fish's weight was never recorded by the IGFA.

But it has to be the worlds largest alligator every to be caught, even bigger than Kenny Williams's 8 foot alligator gar.

World Record Alligator Gar Mississippi Lake

At one point the alligator gar was close to being extinct due to over fishing and being slaughter.

It was long thought that alligator gar attacked human being due to their monstrous features. I mean look at the new world record Kenny Williams caught with his fishing net, doesn't this fish look like something from a sci-fi movie?

I mean the fish is super scary looking.

The fish is carnivorous, but it's not as aggressive as you think it would be, it lurks in the weeds and waits for its prey to go by. Biologists have called it a relatively passive fish.

When Kenny Williams caught the fish in his fishing net, he thought he was hooked on something. He never thought it would be a fish, after pulling and pulling the head of the alligator gar popped up.

The fish really didn't give off much of a fight, Williams claimed that it was pretty much dead when he brought it aboard his boat.

The alligator gar ended up weighing 327 pounds and measured 8 feet, 5 and 1/8 inches long. And an amazing girth of 47 inches.

The fish beat out the old world record by 48 pounds, the old world record alligator gar was caught in Texas back in 1951 and weighed 279 pounds.

Since Kenny Williams didn't catch the alligator gar with a fishing poll and rather netted, the IGFA will not put it in the record books. Williams doesn't mind though, he claimed "It's an awesome fish, the fish of a lifetime and I'm just glad it's staying here and people will be able to see it.

" He ended donating it to Mississippi's Museum of Natural Science. He wanted the fish to stay in the state!

Biologists said that the record alligator gar looks to be female and the age of the fish to estimated between 50 and 70 years. If you didn't know, the alligator gar is actually a fish from the prehistoric days, the time when the dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Denis Harrold Record Barramundi

Kayak fisherman Denis Harrold caught this new record barramundi fish after a grueling 15 minute fight out on his kayak in Bardon, Queensland, Australia.

The barramundi ended up weighing 98 pounds 6 ounces. Is this fish huge or what, the fish look to be as big as Denis.

The fish is currently pending as the new record, but I'm sure it will be let in by the IGFA after examined.

Man I would of crapped my pants seeing a big fish like that being reeled up near my kayak, I mean checkout the size of the barramundi's mouth.

If I were Denis Harrold I would get a nice mount of this fish! I'm sure he's pretty excited about his accomplishment, I'm positive he will get a really beautiful mount of the fish.

101 Year Old Fisherman Kermit Wick

Some fisherman stay dedicated to the sport all the way to their 101st birthday, Minnesota’s Kermit Wick is that fisherman.

Throughout his life the outdoorsman has hunted and fished with great enthusiasm, he's got hundreds of stories to tell about.

But, on February 6th 2011, Kermit Wick' passion for the outdoors was put to rest.

That doesn't mean that Kermit Wick legend will not live on.

His legend will live on though his son Chuck Wick (at right in photo) and daughter Geri Nelson. May he rest in peace!

Grandma caught Huge Largemouth Bass

A Grandma out of Florida caught this huge largemouth bass at Lake Okeechobee on a fishing charter.

This was the first Grandma ever when out on a fishing charter.

She ended up catching the biggest fish of the day. Lure of choice was live bait, probably minnows.

I congratulate Grandma for an amazing huge largemouth bass.

The fish looks like it weighed around 6 pounds.

Not every fisherman has the skill to reel in a big fish like this, it's obvious that this Grandma did!

Fisherman Blows up other Fishermans Boat

This was a rather interesting story. Story goes Joseph Sloma, a Wisconsin farmer, set off a pipe bomb on the Trout Scout in Salmon Harbor Marina because its captain supposedly ratted on another angler for exceeding his catch limit.

Is that just ridiculous or what?

I've heard of road rage, but I never heard of boat rage. Just over jealousy you know!

The fisherman should of never ratted out another fisherman, but the fisherman who bombed the boat took it to the extreme, that's insane!

That's when I go out fishing, I just keep to my own business and have fun.

I never mess with anyone else or report them if they are doing something illegal.

I think some fisherman should mind their own business, while other fisherman should not bomb people, lol.

Mako Shark Bites Tail off Marlin Release

After fishermen caught a nice size Marlin in the Pacific Ocean, they were releasing the Marlin right near there boat when a big mako shark came and took a bite out of it, tearing the Marlin's tail right off.

Photographer got amazing shots of the shark attack.

I'm just glad no one was hurt, you just never know if someones hand could of got cut or even bit off.

Releasing a fish in saltwater can be one of the dangerous moments in fishing, that's when predators will come around and try to attack you and the fish.

Hot Girls Fishing for Cobia in Florida

Some hot girls were caught fishing for cobia off the coast of Florida.

These fish were huge, but what made the picture even greater were the hot girls holding up the fish.

I'm all for more women fishermen, if more women would try the sport, more would find that they love it!

I congratulate these Florida girls for the beautiful cobia fish they caught!

Kings of Leon Go Fly Fishing

Fisherman Matt Grobert guided Kings of Leon band to a great fly fishing expedition in New Jersey.

Kings of Leon and Grobert spent eight hours out on the water, apparently the fish were biting pretty good.

The top fishing lure of the day was a Caribou Caddis fly. Man it must of been fun fishing with celebrities.