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Pflueger Luminous Spinner Vintage Lure

Pflueger Luminous Spinner was one of the most deadly vintage fishing lures for smallmouth bass.

You wouldn't think so because of the size blades and how long the lure was, but it was pretty effective on the smallies.

The lure was made by the Enterprise Manufacturing Company in Akron, Ohio.

Believe it or not, the Pflueger Luminous Spinner glowed in the dark, pretty amazing since the lure was sold from the 1890s all the way up to the 1950s.

I didn't know they had glow in the dark technology back then, let alone on fishing lures.

I bet the vintage fishing lure Pflueger Luminous Spinner was also great for catching musky and northern pike too.

Bucktail spinners are a common fishign lure to use on musky today, the Pflueger Luminous Spinner reminds me of today's bucktail spinner.

Fishermen on the forums say you can still pick these old vintage fishing lures on the internet, just use our search box up above and you'll see if there are any up for sale on Ebay.