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Rapala Mini Fat Rap Crankbait for Bluegill

A great fishing lure I love to use on bluegill is Rapala's mini fat rap crankbait. The size of the crankbait is just perfect for bluegill, both small and panfish size. I've tried this lure in ponds, inland lakes, and large lakes on bluegill, they all seem to love it. Occasionally I'll catch some pretty big bass too.

The only drawback of the lure is sometimes you can a defected crankbait. Sometimes you can adjust the lure to make it run right though, when it's defected it might swim to the right or left too much. To fix it just give it a twitch with some needle nose pliers to the opposite side the mini fat rap seems to go.

When using the Rapala mini fat rap try the stop and go retrieve, many bluegill love this action. Sometimes reeling it quickly will make the big bluegill bite too. The trebles are perfect size for the bluegill, they are small enough to fit right in their mouth. You really don't have to set the hook much, when the bluegill bite you'll surely have them hooked.