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Save Transom with Transom Saver

I can't stress enough how important it is to have a transom saver for your fishing boat. So many fisherman forget to do this because they put their boat away for the winter or just don't know much about boat maintenance.

It's very important to do as much as you can to save your transom mount on back of your boat. Some people coat their transom with fiberglass while other make sure the wood is treated. Either way you must have a transom saver. Everytime you travel in your boat with your trailer, the bouncing from the road puts a lot of stress on the piece of wood that supports your transom. That is very bad!

Transom saver will extend the life on your transom. They are very cheap too, you can buy one at Cabelas or Bass Pro Shops for only $30. Sometimes I've even seen them go for $20. Either way you need a transom, so pick one up! Last thing you want to do is replace you transom, that can be in the upwards of $1,000. Not a drop in the bucket ehhh...