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Smallmouth Bass Picture Lake St. Clair

So what lure did I catch this huge smallmouth bass on? The lure of choice was the green pumpkin 4 inch powerbait grub. The smallmouth bass on Lake St. Clair go crazy after that color. I guess it kind of resembles a crawdad or maybe a night crawler.

Man when I hooked this four pound smallmouth bass, I knew it was a big fish. I thought it might of been a northern pike or musky, but then I felt it tugging. I immediately knew it was a smallmouth bass because they like to tug at the bait. I just knew I had to post this picture up on my fishing blog, this is definitely one of the biggest bass I caught on Lake St. Clair ever.

The length of the smallmouth bass I think was around 20 inches. I never measure it since I usually only care about the weight, I'm looking for that five pound smallmouth bass, I still haven't caught one out on Lake St. Clair. Maybe this 2011 year I will!