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SPK-1 Solar Powered Kayaks for Fishing

Is this unreal or what, someone has taken solar technology to newer heights in the kayak fishing world. Personally I feel this takes the whole fun out of kayak fishing, but if you are physically disabled or something, this could allow you to join the hobby. Also if you've ever been to the point to exhaustion after a long day of kayaking, this could bail you out.

The 3 solar cells mounted on the frame that attaches to your kayak charges the battery that powers your trolling motor. The kit called the "SPK-1" by scottalexanderwood design Inc. kind of reminds you of a catamaran ya know. The SPK-1 kit is going for $1100 plus shipping, really not a bad price for what you get: frame, motor, battery, solar cells, and a 120V charger.

When I think about it too, the kit will allow you to balance better in your kayak. But like I said in my first paragraph, it kind of takes the fun out of fishing, I really don't know if many fishermen will be up for it. We'll see if this new fishing technology takes off...