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Texas Rig with Kalins Grub

One of my favorite lures I use to fish with back in the day was the Texas rig, I used it with 3" grub, preferably the blue pear/salt & pepper color, the combination of the two made this fishing lure great! It also worked pretty god with Berkley Powerbait, the soft plastic you see in this fisherman's hand.

What make the Texas rig so popular with me is you could drag it through weeds without picking up any weeds or muck the hook. Just use the body of your favorite soft plastic lure to cover the hook. It's just dynamite on largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. Sometimes it works really good on walleye in a river too!

I highly suggest giving the Kalins soft plastic grub a try with a Texas rig! Even change it up with Berkley Powerbait for more scent and lure for the fish. But I would stay away from Berkley Gulp, stuff sucks, hasn't produced fish for me as good as Powerbait. Gulp is rather stiff too, not giving off action like a regular soft plastic lure would give off.