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Topwater Fishing for Bluegill with Flies

Even though bluegill is a small species of fish, it still can be a lot of fun to fish for them. Some of my favorite ways to fish for bluegills with flies on topwater or tiny crankbaits. Rapala makes a really small crankbait that is perfect for bluegill. But I find topwater fishing for bluegill is the most fun.

What I do is buy some flies and few bubbles. The bubble is then tied to my line, then I take some light monofilament line, say 4 or 6 pounds line and tie a length of 1 1/2 feet of line to the bubble and fly. The result, a way to fly fish without a fly ride and reel.

It's just awesome to see the bluegill to hit the fly on top of the water. Sometimes you'll see a largemouth bass go for it and jump right out of the water. There's so many cool ways fish for bluegill, but topwater is by far my favorite! Give it a try next time you're out bluegill fishing.