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Trolling when Kayak Fishing

I'm not a big kayak fishing myself, but I thought I'd give this tip to all you fishermen that kayak fish. Did you know that you can actually troll when you're out kayak fishing. With the right kayak and trolling motor you can. Checkout this perfect setup you see here in the picture. Notice how the kayak fisherman has his rod holders set up, perfectly mounted for trolling. Now this can only work if you have a pedal kayak or a trolling motor on your kayak. Even if you have a basic kayak, just slap on a trolling motor to it, then you're all set.

This can give you the edge you're looking for if you're not catching many fish. Trolling in your kayak allows you to cover more ground and find spots where the fish might be lurking. If you have a fish finder like this fisherman has in this picture, just mark the spot where you caught the fish or you felt the hit when trolling. When you're done trolling, you can go back to that same spot and see if you can pick up any fish casting. This method works really well for kayak fisherman.

But if you're all about challenge, well you might just like casting off your kayak. If you haven't tried kayak fishing, I definitely suggest giving it a try!