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World Record Alligator Gar Mississippi Lake

At one point the alligator gar was close to being extinct due to over fishing and being slaughter.

It was long thought that alligator gar attacked human being due to their monstrous features. I mean look at the new world record Kenny Williams caught with his fishing net, doesn't this fish look like something from a sci-fi movie?

I mean the fish is super scary looking.

The fish is carnivorous, but it's not as aggressive as you think it would be, it lurks in the weeds and waits for its prey to go by. Biologists have called it a relatively passive fish.

When Kenny Williams caught the fish in his fishing net, he thought he was hooked on something. He never thought it would be a fish, after pulling and pulling the head of the alligator gar popped up.

The fish really didn't give off much of a fight, Williams claimed that it was pretty much dead when he brought it aboard his boat.

The alligator gar ended up weighing 327 pounds and measured 8 feet, 5 and 1/8 inches long. And an amazing girth of 47 inches.

The fish beat out the old world record by 48 pounds, the old world record alligator gar was caught in Texas back in 1951 and weighed 279 pounds.

Since Kenny Williams didn't catch the alligator gar with a fishing poll and rather netted, the IGFA will not put it in the record books. Williams doesn't mind though, he claimed "It's an awesome fish, the fish of a lifetime and I'm just glad it's staying here and people will be able to see it.

" He ended donating it to Mississippi's Museum of Natural Science. He wanted the fish to stay in the state!

Biologists said that the record alligator gar looks to be female and the age of the fish to estimated between 50 and 70 years. If you didn't know, the alligator gar is actually a fish from the prehistoric days, the time when the dinosaurs roamed the earth.