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World Record Largemouth Bass Caught by Manabu Kurita

Manabu Kurita has tied George Perry's bass with this 22 pounds , 4.97 ounce largemouth bass. The bass weighs more than George Perry's bass, but in order to take the top spot Kurita's bass has to weight 2 ounces more. Stupid rule I know, but I guess those are the rules by the International Game Fish Association.

Truth be told, this is the biggest largemouth bass ever caught, even if it weighs more than George Perry's bass by one ounce. The bass is just humongous! Manabu Kurita hooked this bass with a live bluegill and using fluorocarbon fishing line. The new line that supposedly is invisible.

Manabu Kurita and his world record largemouth bass has gone down in fishing history.