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Yamaha V Max SHO VF250 Four-Stroke

Give your Starcraft or Lund a little more power with Yamaha's new V Max SHO VF250 Four-Stroke outboard engine.

The new outboard isn't quieter or have a faster top speed, what makes this new outboard more efficienst is the faster hole shot.

The problem many 4 stroke engines have had in the past.

This is very important when it comes to fishing tournaments, many pro fisherman want to get out of fishing spots quick and easy.

Some fishermen say that the outboard engine is so fast that it's scary good.

We can all thank Yamaha for thir new innovative injection system and throttle valve, the VF250 boasts better fuel economy than previous Yamaha outboards too.

Which many fishermen are looking for because of the hard hittin' economy.